We come from an area of the country permeated by the warmth of its people, where traditions are a prize possession to hold close then hand down through the generations. We would like to show the world these traditions and typical flavours of the cuisine from a truly wonderful region: Apulia.


Quality products form the basis of a balanced, healthy and flavourful diet.
We believe in the value of our region’s products, fresh and genuinely prepared.
We hope to see this excellence travel the globe, spread awareness of our brand and achieve our vision for the future: a healthy world.


Apulia is the “treasure chest” of Mediterranean flavours.
It is in our region that the old, authentic taste of Mediterranean cuisine is gathered and preserved.
Apulia and its hillside villages;
Apulia and its plains;
Apulia and its traditional trullis and white houses;
Apulia and its ancient dialects;
Apulia and its flavours, unforgettable aromas;
Apulia and all its marvels;
Apulia is a frame of mind, a very real emotion captured within its products and the fruits of its land, which grow caressed by sun and sea to become culinary excellence.
We feel we are guardians, called upon to preserve the authenticity of Apulian products and ensure that the unmistakeable taste of our products is experienced by palates that most appreciate traditional flavours.
Our mission is to throw open the coffer of products from this magic land, unique and rich in delicacies.
Apulian Food stems from the entrepreneurial spirit of four professionals with passions in common: a love for their homeland and a love for everything that Apulia has to offer.